Gym Servicing and Safety

Smart Service – The Professional 2 in 1 Gym Service and Inspection!

What is Smart Service?

Smart Service is a new and innovative approach to gym maintenance. Designed by Jon Isaacs, Chartered Engineer and fitness machine expert,  Smart Service saves time and money without compromising on quality. It combines a gym equipment maintenance service and a safety inspection into one procedure that is suitable for all makes and models of fitness machines. Smart Service is designed specifically for commercial and private gyms where there are multiple machines and will thoroughly test all the relevant safety and performance aspects whilst also delivering essential preventative maintenance to ensure your equipment is always ready and available for use!

Smart Service is:

  • Streamlined – Smart Service covers BOTH your service and inspection
  • Measurable – it uses mobile technology to ensure that all critical aspects are checked and tested and recorded according to specification
  • Efficient – Jon’s expertise and experience targets the key areas where attention is most needed
  • Economical – you get the technical benefit where you really need it without wasting money on low value added tasks and trivia (such as machine cleaning and cosmetic details)

A Smart Service is about maintaining your equipment in an optimum condition and preventing problems from developing. It is not recommended for equipment that has already broken down. In this case, a remote diagnosis may be the better choice. 


How does Smart Service save money?

Smart Service is fundamentally about spotting and preventing failures before they occur. This approach results in longer equipment life, fewer breakdowns, fewer technician visits, fewer replacement parts, more equipment availability, longer equipment replacement cycle times, reduced capital expenditure, and lower depreciation costs.

What you get with Smart Service

  • A 2 in 1 gym equipment service and inspection for each item of equipment
  • Dynamic testing of the machine
  • Testing of main drive belt tension (frequency method)
  • Inspection of cables and attachments (includes steel cables and kevlar belting)
  • Lubrication main belts, pulleys, rollers, bearings
  • Test Guards / E-Stop / locking keys / seat belts
  • Inspect frame and welds
  • Inspect handles / grips
  • Clean and test user cooling fan
  • Clean electronic cooling fans
  • Check counters and record mileage
  • Removal of dust accumulations to critical areas
  • Check for bearing noise, vibration and imbalance
  • Testing of safety critical fixings (torque test)
  • Check bump stops / shock absorbers
  • Check batteries and terminals
  • Inspect seat fixings, platforms, decks, pedals
  • Testing of motors
  • Check electrics, earthing, fuses 
  • Check adjustment mechanisms / programmes
  • Recalibration (as required)
  • Checking for known problems / weak spots
  • Lubrication to main points as required
  • CE compliance check
  • Check safe working limits visible
  • Fit for purpose check
  • Remote support from a Chartered Engineer
  • Downloadable certificate upon completion


Why have a Smart Service?

Local Health and Safety legislation requires you to periodically inspect your equipment. In the UK, the Health and Safety Executive recommend that gym equipment should be inspected daily for signs of wear and tear or damage, and thoroughly inspected at least annually (depending on usage) as part of a maintenance regime. There are also legal obligations under the PUWER regulations and the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Insurers normally require that equipment is maintained and inspected and will ask for evidence of this in the event of an accident claim (for example, if someone were to be injured while in your gym and make a claim against you).

Smart Service 2 in 1 gym equipment service and inspection exceeds the requirement for a normal “maintenance regime” and provides you with documentary evidence that your equipment has been tested and maintained by a competent person. At the end of each inspection, you will have a Chartered Engineer’s inspection report to demonstrate compliance.

Besides health and safety & insurance there is also a commercial benefit to be gained from regular maintenance including optimising the equipment performance, fewer breakdowns, reduction in energy consumption, and ensuring the maximum equipment life (for the least amount of expenditure). 

    Why trust Jon Isaacs?

    Some so called “gym experts” are little more than experts in how to swap parts. However, Jon believes it is more important to get to the root cause of a problem and fix that first; to do that it is necessary to know how machines tick! Jon has a thorough understanding of how and why fitness machines do what they do because he has spent many years working on them both in the field as a service engineer and as a product designer. This gives him a unique insight into how machines are designed and built and how they fail. As a professional engineer and member of the Engineering Council, Jon is among the most highly qualified experts in this field in the UK.