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To keep your machine running smoothly

Use Belt Lube on treadmill running belts to stop wear to the belt and deck.

 “Regularly applying Belt Lube is the single, most important thing you can do to prolong the life of your treadmill!” Jon Isaacs, Chartered Engineer

How to lube your running belt:   



Why is belt lube important?

Inadequately lubricated running belts cause excessive friction between the belt and running platform which often leads to premature wear and failure of the running belt, running platform, drive belt, motor control board (MCB) and the motor itself. Excessive friction is the main cause of motor and MCB failure. This is because in order to maintain the required speed, the motor and MCB have to work harder to overcome the friction between the belt and platform, which means they need to draw more current. Drawing too much current for a prolonged period of time causes the motor and electronics to overheat and fail. 

This problem can be avoided by regularly applying our treadmill lube. Our treadmill lube is 5 x more slippy than wax and is the correct viscosity as specified by the belt manufacturers.

Beware of buying cheap silicone oil online as you need to know the correct formula and viscosity so as to know how much to apply and how often!

For treadmills that are in daily use, we recommend you check the lubrication every month. Treadmill Lube can be used on both domestic and commercial treadmills and contains pure silicone oil which is free from additives and harmless to use. Our lube is of a certain viscosity that promotes self-spreading and full coverage of the wearing surfaces without the need to use tools. This makes it quick and convenient to apply.

Can I use WD40 or mineral oil, grease or wax instead?

In a word, No.

There are a few manufacturers who still recommend using wax powder lubricant. In these cases, you should follow the manufacturer’s guidelines whilst the machine is in warranty. Our treadmill lube has much better slip characteristics than mineral oil, grease or wax. It maintains its consistency over a wide temperature range which means you are always protected against friction problems. Our treadmill lube is non-toxic and inert which means it will not react with the rubber of the treadmill belt.

How much and how often do I need to apply lube?

We recommend that you check the belt lube every month and re-apply 15ml or 20ml of lube every 2 or 3 months (depending on use and environment). To check the belt lube, you should slide your fingers underneath the central area of the running belt (between the belt and the platform) and feel for a light film of oil on the surface of the platform.  Be careful not to over-lube the belt; add a little lube at a time and walk it and then re-check. Repeat this until you get the desired result.

If your belt is dry and has not been lubricated for some time, it may be necessary to apply more lube on the first application.

If you have a folding treadmill, we recommend that you do not fold up your treadmill immediately after applying lube. Make sure you use the machine for at least 15 to 20 minutes to ensure the lube is evenly spread and fully absorbed into the running belt before folding.

Advantages of our Treadmill Lube Silicone Oil kit

  • Suitable for most treadmills
  • Protects against friction and overload
  • Prolongs belt life
  • Solves belt sticking problems
  • Reduces deck wear
  • Reduces strain on motor
  • Prolongs life of motor controller
  • Prevents drive belt slipping
  • Prevents static build up
  • Includes syringe for accurate dosage
  • Clean and easy application
  • Widely used in Commercial Gyms

Treadmill Lube kits are available in 500ml bottles and come with an applicator kit as standard consisting of a syringe and flexible tube which are used to withdraw the oil from the bottle and then apply it directly onto the surface of the running platform. The process for applying Treadmill Lube does not require the running belt to be slackened off and so it is much quicker and easier than other methods. After application, the oil needs to be “walked-in” for a few minutes afterwards to ensure even coverage.


Low Cost Winter Heater Protects Against Cold and Damp

Protect your machine now

Cold and damp weather can lead to irreparable damage to your treadmill, cross trainer, exercise bike, rower or mobility scooter! In our experience, this problem is most common where machines are kept in a garage, shed, or conservatory – in fact, any detached room which is not regularly heated can spell trouble. For example, in cold conditions, batteries can fail and LCD displays can become slow to react and can appear to be malfunctioning. You may experience random problems with the user controls and some features exhibit intermittent operation. Often, the machine will not work at all. 

These problems are caused when the ambient air temperature falls below the minimum operating temperature of your machine’s electronic system which is usually around 5 degrees centigrade. As the temperature continues to fall, the reliability and performance of the electronics becomes impaired and can cease altogether. When weather conditions change and the air temperature rises again, condensation then forms inside the machine which can lead to rusting of metal surfaces and short circuit paths caused by moisture on the circuit boards. These failures can be catastrophic and permanent depending wherever the moisture forms!  

Fit and Forget Solution

To combat these problems, we have developed “Winter Heater” which is a low wattage heater that protects your machine against all of these problems. Winter Heater costs around the same to run as a conventional light bulb and comes with a mains plug, twin mounting stands and a portable floor-mounting plinth so that you can position it for maximum benefit. It sits on the floor next to your machine and becomes fully effective after 48 hours. It produces low-level heat which gently warms through your machine to protect it against the effects of cold, frost and damp.

To use your Winter Heater, you simply plug it into a standard household 13 amp mains socket and in the autumn and unplug it again in the spring! There are no thermostats to set and no timers to programme. Just fit and forget! 

How is it mounted?

It is a free standing device that is about 1m long and sits on a wooden plinth on the floor adjacent to your machine. We recommend that it is positioned near to the motor end adjacent to the power switch and power cord socket. It is mounted independently from your machine and can be easily moved. Winter Heater does not interfere with your machine’s operation.

How hot does it get?

Winter Heater radiates 120W of continuous heat (a gentle warmth) which is enough to  keep the motor and electronics at an acceptable ambient temperature but not enough to heat your room. Winter Heater does gets hot to touch but not hot enough to require any special guarding. 

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Use 5 in 1 Pro-Lube to stop noises, prevent corrosion, reduce wear and to keep joints moving freely


5 in 1 Professional Multi Purpose Lubricant

5 in 1  Pro-Lube is  is a dedicated multi-purpose machine lubricant suitable for use on all fitness and mobility products. It is approved for use by the leading equipment manufacturers due to its advanced performance and because it does not degrade plastics or upholstery in the event that it is over sprayed.

5 in 1  is a long-term lubricant based on a balanced mixture of hydrocarbons with the additive Turboline.  This formula provides  excellent slip properties which can be used to free-up sticky mechanisms, relieve corroded screw threads and cure a range of irritating noises caused by metal surfaces rubbing against one another.

Creep Oil 
5 in 1 is a multi-component lubricant which has an excellent penetration effect. Therefore it is capable of penetrating  bearing seals, pivots, axles, cranks,  without the need to completely strip parts. It will find its way into the finest hair-line gaps & spaces and once inside it will loosens rust, re-invigorate dried grease and free-up sticky mechanisms.

5 in 1 guarantees complete corrosion protection. The hydrocarbons in the formula provide a protective layer which prevents corrosion due to perspiration, damp or humidity.  It forms a clear, invisible, fluid film layer which acts as a barrier and prevents oxidisation of unpainted or untreated metal surfaces.

Cleaning Agent
5 in 1 penetrates and removes mineral and organic dirt, such as perspiration, grease, dust, adhesive residues,  which can be easily wiped off. It neutralises hand sweat and also protects aluminium, copper, brass, chromium plated and galvanised metals and stainless steel. It can also be applied to plastics to leave a clean and shiny finish.

Contact Spray
5 in 1  has a very low surface tension and good adhesion to metals so that humidity is displaced and electrical leakage currents are prevented. It is suitable for the corrosion protection of electrical contacts in low-voltage electrics such as consoles, control signals, wiring harnesses and low voltage switches . Before spraying on electrical or electronic equipment, switch off the device and disconnect all power sources.