Defibrillator Inspection & Test

AED Inspection and Test

If you own or are responsible for an Automated External Defibrillator (AED), you’ll want to know that it is fully operational in case of a sudden cardiac arrest event.

It is a fact that that many AED’s are not regularly checked and their owners assume that an AED’s built-in “self-test” routine will alert them of any problem. Sadly this is not always the case and the self-test sequence cannot not be trusted as can be seen in the first movie here.

Through research and testing, Jon has discovered that over 50% of AED’s are fitted with batteries or pads which have expired, 10% have pads which are not suitable for the application, and as many as 2% of devices tested simply do not provide a shock despite their self-test routines indicating a test “pass”.

As a result, Jon has worked with St John Ambulance and developed a test methodology using specialist test equipment which is capable of simulating both shockable and non-shockable arrhythmia waveforms. This allows AED’s to be independently tested to ensure they actually deliver a shock when they should do, and do not deliver a shock when they shouldn’t! To demonstrate the process, Jon takes you through the testing sequence in the second movie.

Jon’s Defibrillator / AED  inspection & test provides you with:

  • A full inspection including fault diagnosis
  • Inspection of integrity and dates of battery and pads
  • A dynamic test using simulated arrhythmia waveforms
  • Shock test and measurement of actual discharged energy
  • A combined inspection report & certificate
  • Inspection of accessories
  • Due date for the next inspection
  • Advice on how to do your own daily checks
  • Optional demonstration of the device working for training purposes

This is available as a “remote” service and is an ideal way to begin your AED or defibrillator maintenance regime especially if you are not an expert and don’t know the exact condition of your AES. There is no long term contract to worry about, no hidden charges and no need for an expensive site visit.  

Simply send your device to Jon and he will arrange the inspection and test for £49 (plus return postage, packing and insurance if required). 

Please note that the test and inspection does not provide you with efficacy risk insurance cover. You are advised to refer to your own insurers if you require cover for efficacy risk.

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