CAD Design Services

3D and AI Computer Aided Design

Transform your ideas into reality 

Jon’s expertise in servicing and maintaining machines affords a unique insight into how products perform in the field and how their design can be improved. Jon brings this expertise to bespoke designs for clients wishing to convert their ideas into reality.

With many years of experience gained through his involvement in wide array of projects, Jon has designed and built machines, tools and products for clients all over the world including Saipem and BAE Systems. Some of his designs have been for one off specials such as the pipe cut-off machine shown left (CAD model) and below right (the actual machine), whilst others have been used for mass production.  Jon’s expertise encompasses:-

  • 3D & AI mechanical design 
  • Manufacturing layout and detailed drawings
  • Electrical circuit design
  • Control software (PLC’s, logic controllers and mircroprocessors)
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic system integration
  • Safety systems
  • Product manuals and standards
  • UKCA marking

Custom projects that make a difference

Jon is able to work with outline concepts and ideas and turn them into fully dimensioned, three dimensional models for evaluation or build.  One client in particular, commissioned Jon to design a bespoke, low-cost, powered, walking machine to help him re-develop muscle mass in his lower body following a road traffic accident a few years ago. The client had some basic sketches and ideas of what he needed and Jon produced a 3D machine concept which was simulated (animated) and evaluated. Further improvements were made with input from the client and his physiotherapist until the 3D model was finalised and a physical working prototype of the machine was produced. Within a few months of using the prototype machine, the client re-developed the correct muscle mass and regained the ability to walk unaided. The 3D CAD model and the prototype machine are shown in the photos below.

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