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Global online technical expert, innovator and consultant to industry and academia

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Jon Isaacs is an entrepreneur, technical expert, leader, lecturer and, above all, a Chartered Engineer with a proven track record of re-inventing business, products, processes, delivering results and implementing change.

Unusually, Jon is capable at working at both macro and micro levels of detail and is equally competent in the boardroom as he is “on the shop floor”.

Jon has first-hand experience of setting up and running a physical and online engineering business with sales of over £10M, creating high performing teams, garnering exceptional customer feedback (5 Star Google Reviews) and delivering on promises in the academic, commercial and industrial business sectors.

Jon has specialist, hands-on knowledge of the design and build of special purpose industrial machines and has applied this expertise to transform the UK’s fitness equipment servicing and maintenance market where he is recognised as an innovator and independent expert. He has detailed knowledge of a wide range of technical areas including mechanics, electrics, and electronics including control and automation having undertaken a number of high profile technical design and manufacturing projects during his career.

Jon is always available to offer free-of-charge technical advice to clients around the globe, and enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with the next generation of engineering students in higher education.

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TECHNICAL expertise

Jon has sound expertise in a wide range of technical disciplines including:-

  • 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Digital Electronics & Computing
  • Electrical & Electronic Principles
  • Automation & Robotics
  • AC/DC Motors & Drives
  • Materials & Mechanics 
  • Sensors, Controls & Software
  • Fault Finding and Diagnosis
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Systems
  • Assembly, Manufacturing & Quality
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • UKCA, EMC & CE Requirements
  • RAMS, SOP’s & Technical Reports
  • CEC’s for Import, Export and Insurance
  • Online Media & Apps 
  • Expert Witness
areas of INTEREST

Jon is especially interested in sharing his experience, expertise and knowledge and helping others achieve success.

He is interested in promoting engineering diversity, equality and accessibility and is keen to learn about new approaches in leadership, design and manufacturing technology.

Jon lives in Worcester (UK). For downtime and relaxation, he enjoys amateur radio, gardening, fishing and spending time with close friends and family. 

Jon is a registered member of the UK Engineering Council and a volunteer Professional Registration Assessor,  a member of The Institute of Engineering and Technology (the IET), a founding member of the IET Artificial Intelligence Technical Network (AITN), and a licensed member of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and you may find him on the air using the callsign 2E0OJI.

Jon continues to stay up-to-date with new and emerging technologies and works at Birmingham City University where he and his team were finalists in the prestigious IET Excellence and Innovation Awards 2023, finalists in The Engineering  Talent Awards 2024, and winner of the “I AM BCU” Team of the Year Award 2024. He remains active as an independent Chartered Engineer with a portfolio of key clients, and is active on Youtube with over 1 million viewers.

trusted experience
In 2014, Jon was approached to complete an important repair to Edward Elgar’s HMV 511 Gramophone. Elgar was an English composer, many of whose works have entered the British and international classical concert repertoire, and his HMV 511 Gramophone is of cultural significance.  Using new parts sourced from the original UK supplier to HMV, Jon completed the repair, free of charge, and the gramophone was restored to full working order. Find out more in the video below:


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I am writing to acknowledge the remarkable positive changes I have observed. I can’t help but notice the new, more approachable, entertaining, and engaging presentation style your team is demonstrating. This transformation has greatly enhanced the appeal of your engineering programs and positively impacted the overall atmosphere during these events. The uplifted vibe has inspired me to generate many ideas of my own.

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K P-G February 2021

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